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"Give Thanks For Loved Ones" and Win a $2500 Brain Fitness System from Dakim

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So, I thought this was pretty seriously cool.

In honor of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Thanksgiving, Dakim Inc and have joined forces in a rather awesome contest, named “Give Thanks for Loved Ones.”

The prize? 5 lucky seniors (age 65 or older) will win a complete Dakim Brain System, as well as a year’s worth of updates.  Dakim’s system is pretty much the Rolls Royce of brain training, and each prize has a value of $2,500.

The system itself includes a computerized, touchscreen unit about the size of a laptop, loaded with multimedia brain exercises and games.  It’s remarkably simple to use, and designed specifically for seniors – in fact, it’s the most widely used product found in senior communities across the US.

Here’s the part I really like… (more…)

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Enter to win a Dakim BrainFitness System

This is an unprecedented chance to win your father the gift of a lifetime. Literally.

Dads can live without a tie, a power tool or even a vacation. But they can’t live life to the fullest without an active and vibrant MIND. And that’s exactly what the Dakim BrainFitness System is all about. This Father’s Day, with the help of Marbles and Dakim BrainFitness, one caring son or daughter will win this state-of-the-art system for his or her Dad.

Just by telling Marbles and Dakim what makes your Dad special in 200 words or less, you might win the world’s most advanced brain fitness system for your Dad. Maybe it’s the way he can always make you laugh. The fact that he uncannily knows the answer to Final Jeopardy. Or the way he was always there to pick you up when you fell down. Literally and figuratively.

Dakim BrainFitness is the only brain fitness system with brain games specifically designed to be engaging and exciting to people who remember life before television! This makes daily brain “workouts” not only stimulating, but incredibly fun.

Enter the contest by clicking here. Enter by June 19, 2009.

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