Tori Deaux

Hi, My Name is Tori Deaux,

…and I have a confession.

I *really* hate writing “About Me” blurbs.
No, really, I do!


This type of  blog should be about *you* (the reader)  not me, (the writer).  So rather than rambling on about myself, I’d  rather use this space to let you ask questions about brain health, voice your concerns about successful aging, and share your own personal stories about living a vibrant, brain-healthy life.

But there is plenty of room for that elsewhere on this blog, I suppose, and people do always seem to want to know whose words they’re reading.   I’ll just accept  this “About Me” page as a necessary evil and get on with it 😉

Just who IS Tori Deaux?

I’m a 40-something writer, artist and blogger, with a passion for all things mind and brain related.  A constant theme throughout my work is inspiring others to think about their lives in fresh, bright new ways, ways that shake up the old gray matter, and improve the quality of life.  When an aspect of life can’t be improved, I do my best to inspire hope, insight and compassionate understanding.

On the more mundane side of things, I’m  married, no kids ( but I do have a sheltie, a pomeranian puppy, and a very large cat)  I’m also the owner, author and designer of the quirky but ever-so-engaging MindTweaks website, including my latest project, Brain Fitness Boot Camp.

The Vibrant & Healthy Living blog is a bit of a different animal for me.  Supported by Dakim, the #1 brain fitness system of American senior living providers, it’s somewhat of a joint project, done together with my trusty sidekicks and research assistants, the mysterious K. & S. (Actually, they’re more like my bosses – they provide the blog space, find and suggest ideas to write about and provide background info. But shhh… it’s really good for my ego to think of them as assistants! )

Assistants or not, they’ve assigned me the task of inspiring you to have a happier, healthier, more productive life through better brain health.  It’s a pretty cool job, really – a lot more fun than writing this “About Me” page has been!

Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself

This is all “About You”, after all!

About Dakim:

In the four short years Dakim has been around, brain fitness for seniors has experienced phenomenal growth. Doctors, scientists, senior living providers, and seniors themselves are realizing the benefits that rigorous ongoing cognitive stimulation has on performing everyday tasks, job performance, enjoying social interactions, overall mood, and of course, on preventing or slowing down the development of dementia. And in those 4 years, Dakim has become the leader of the brain fitness-for-seniors movement, and we’re proud to say Dakim BrainFitness(TM) has become the #1 brand of brain fitness among American senior living providers.

Dakim Brain Fitness website

Alzheimer’s Caregiver blog, supported by Dakim

Dakim company blog

Contact Dakim

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