A Suggested New Year’s Resolution: Improve A Random Senior’s Brain Fitness!

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Brain Fitness for Seniors, New Years Resolutions 2010! Image by ba1969 on Stock.Xchng New Year’s Resolutions are often very self-centric; they’re about us losing weight, quitting smoking, improving our own health, finances, and so on.  I almost followed that trend, and made this post about resolving to improve our own brain fitness, but then… I thought of a better way.

Why not resolve to improve someone ELSE’S brain fitness?

Pick a Senior, any Senior (or heck, a whole group of Seniors!) and spend time over the next year educating them about the importance of brain fitness, and, perhaps, providing them with products, encouragement and activities to improve the health of their own brains.

And  it doesn’t really need to be a random Senior’s brain fitness that you improve.  Maybe it’s your Great Aunt Martha,  the elderly neighbor you wave to each morning, your child’s favorite teacher who just retired, or that silver haired gentleman who signs you in at the local community center.

One hint: the less emotionally connected to someone you are, the more likely you are to be amused if they don’t quite understand, and the less likely you are to get frustrated with them.  But I totally understand the desire to see Great Aunt Martha stay sharp-witted and bright, so you can certainly pick her, if you like.  Shucks, you can pick MY Great Aunt Martha, if you really want to!

So, how do you go about it?

There are so many possibilities here that I’ll just suggest a few, and then turn it over to your own creativity.

1. Education: simply sit down and explain the importance of brain fitness, neuroplasticity, and that we now know the brain can grow new cells and create new pathways in response to learning new things.   Remember that almost all adults today grew up believing the exact opposite, so this really can be exciting news.

2. Encourage Exercise: Physical activity is one of the greatest boosts to the brain we know of, so find ways of encouraging it.  And if you can combine the exercise with an enriched environment, so much the better!   Accompany your brain-fitness adoptee on walks through a local park, botanical garden, the mall, or a museum.

3. Be Social: Just by regularly visiting, playing a card game or two, and asking about their day, you may be able to improve someone’s brain fitness.  You might help them get signed up with a local seniors group that goes on outings, has card games, or movie nights. Maybe they’d appreciate help in getting to Church, attending their grandchildren’s school plays.  Whatever you can do to help keep them socially active might just be a big help.

4. Provide Mental Stimulation: Loan them books, games, or puzzles.  Find out if they have a challenging hobby, and provide them with supplies.  Take them to a book club, go with them to an adult education class, anything that helps them challenge and exercise their mind.

5. Provide Brain Healthy Snacks and Meals: Who wouldn’t appreciate the occasional pint of fresh blueberries, can of olives, fancy coffee or a meal of marvelous smoked salmon?  Explain why each item was selected, and you’ll educate &  stimulate their brains along with providing the brain-healthy foods.

The possibilities really are endless, and can be tailored for the individual. If your brain-fitness adoptee doesn’t sleep well because of an old mattress, organize a fund-raising drive to replace it.  If financial stress is a problem, see if you can get them signed up with organizations to help pay for food, medicine, and other needs.  If loneliness is an issue, get them involved in a volunteer effort of their own!

You can invest as little or as much time and money as you like, and  there are even ways you could adopt someone anonymously… a secret brain buddy could mail nutritious treats, puzzle books, card games and information on community programs.

So what do you think?

Up for the challenge?
Let me know!

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