12 Days of Brain Fitness Christmas

December 24, 2009 at 8:40 am 1 comment

Thanks to ba1969 on Stock.Xchng, who provided the hat for my Santa Brain, and flaivoloka for the background.Forgive me this little indulgence… It’s Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t resist. Feel free to sing along, and/or throw things at me. Ahem!

On the first day of Brain Fitness
My true love gave to me,
Brain training For neuro-plasticity!

On the second day of Brain Fitness
My true love gave to me,
Two power naps,
And brain training for neuro-plasticity!

On the third day of Brain Fitness
My true love gave to me
Three kinds of berries
Two power naps,
And brain training For neuro-plasticity!

Ok, ok, so you know how the song goes. I won’t torture you any longer than necessary. For more information on any of the “gifts” listed, and how they relate to brain health and fitness for seniors, just click on the associated links.  The only one not linked is Day 12 – because I couldn’t find an appropriate article to link to!  You can bet I’ll be writing about that one, in the next week or two!  Meanwhile, Here’s the final verse:

On the twelfth day of Brain Fitness
My true love gave to me:

12 New Neural Pathways
11 Social Card Games
10 Dark Chocolate Bars
9 Oz of Salmon
8 Hours of Sleeping
7 Cups of Green Tea
6 Bottles of Red Wine
5 Hours of Exercise
4 Walnuts and Almonds
3 Kinds of Berries
2 Power Naps
And Brain Training For Neuro-plasticity!

Have a Happy & Brain Fit Holiday!

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  • 1. GaryD  |  December 28, 2009 at 1:01 am

    Ha! Great post and good list of things you can do to improve brain fitness. Did you know, physical exercise can actually grow new brain cells!!


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