Holiday Gift Baskets for the Brain!

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Brain Fitness Holiday Gifts! (Image by Egilshay on Stock.Xchng)Feeling a bit stuck on your holiday shopping?

Why not become a Brain-Fitness Elf, and put together a holiday gift basket with a brain healthy theme?  You’ll educate the lucky recipient about brain health & fitness, give them a practical (and yummy!) gift, and as an added benefit, reinforce your own understanding of the basic elements of brain fitness.   Best of all, you can likely put one together within nearly any budget, on your regular trip to the grocery store!

Ready to get started?  Just pick out an inexpensive basket, holiday box, stocking or large gift bag, and toss in a selection of items that teach about brain health.

Gift Basket #1:  Brain Super-Foods

Here’s your chance to show people just how yummy brain fitness can be, and fill up a Christmas stocking with a selection of foods believed to be good for the brain.

  • Dark Chocolates
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Dehydrated Berries
  • Pure Cranberry Juice
  • Canned Sardines
  • Pickled Herring (actually a holiday tradition in my family)
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Green Tea
  • Coffee
  • Fresh Pomegranates
  • Red Wine
  • Raisins

If you’re careful with your selections, and shop for ordinary foods (rather than gifty items)  you  can be able to put together a nice selection that suits just about any budget – most of the items on the list can be found for under $2 each.  Look for small packets of nuts and dried berries in the baking section of the grocery store.  Consider snack sized packets of tuna and salmon rather than pricier smoked varieties. Flavored coffees are usually available in single-serving sizes for a few dollars each, and instead of pricey boxed chocolates, look for individual bars of dark chocolate.

And if you’re making up several baskets, you can do it even less expensively by breaking up a box of teabags, buying a set of snack sized raisen boxes, or Brain Fitness Holiday Gifts! (Image by Egilshay on Stock.Xchng)dividing up larger bulk priced nuts.

Gift Basket #2:  Exercise for the Brain!

The idea that we can actually exercise our brains is still new, and a lot of people aren’t aware that it’s important to keep the brain challenged at all ages.  The ideal gift for this theme is, of course, a brain training system like the one offered by Dakim, but if that’s a bit out of your price range, no worries.

You can still put together an easy to find fun selection of items that can challenge minds, build motor skills, and otherwise introduce the idea of exercising the brain.

In picking out items, remember that the keys to brain exercise are that the challenges be novel, varied and difficult.   Check the book/magazine section for word-game magazines,  the children’s toy section for mini games, the hobby and craft section for fun little kits — the checkout counters are another good place to look.

Here are a few specific suggestions:

  • A Paddle Ball (inexpensive, and it works out motor skills)
  • Juggling Sets
  • Origami Kits
  • Knitting/Crotchet Kits
  • Crossword, Suduko, and Find-A-Word Puzzle Magazines
  • Mini Electronic Chess Sets and Arcade games
  • Science Magazines
  • Books on Local History
  • A Musical Instrument
  • A Selection of Classical Music
  • Magnetic Poetry Sets
  • Journals
  • Art Sets
  • Decks of Cards

A copy of a book on the subject is a nice addition, too…. “Neurobics”, “Brain Rules”, “The Brain That Changes Itself”, and “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” are all good choices, and you can usually find inexpensive copies via Amazon or

More Ideas?

Try mixing and matching any items related to brain fitness….  maybe you could add one item for each of the 7 keys to brain fitness:   A pedometer or jump rope for physical fitness, a puzzle book for brain exercise, a sleep mask or travel pillow for sleep, a card game to encourage social activity,  a dream or prayer journal for spirit, and so on.

Or consider if you know the person has a particular trouble spot — if they suffer from insomnia, get a selection of items on that theme, and include a note about the importance of sleep for the brain.

So get to shopping! Exercise your brain and reinforce you knowledge of brain fitness, while working out creative brain-fitness gifts for family and friends.  And me, I vote for the food version, in a Christmas stocking….  I gave a stocking to my grandmother last year, and she LOVED the flashback to childhood!

Have any ideas of your own?

Share them in the comments, and let us know!

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