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The Environmental Impact of Healthy Aging

Here’s a bit of old news we missed… and you probably did too!

Last October, the Today show ran a segment on a powerful report exploring the role that our environment plays in how well we age… and especially in the risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.   The idea is one you’ll find repeated often both here:  how well we age isn’t just a matter of “good genes” or inherited risk factors, but something that is largely in our own control.


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Aerobics for Neurons… Neurobics! one of those brilliantly funny words that practically giggles off the tongue, but there’s a serious meaning behind it. Coined by neurobiologist Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin, it’s a pop-neurology term that refers to stimulating exercises for the brain, exercises that (at least in theory) encourage neural growth and help keep the brain sharp and functional. (more…)

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The Need For Sleep & Its Impact On Emotional Memory

Remember that old cliche about how you should “Never go to bed angry?”  image

At the recent SLEEP 2009 conference (the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies) a research abstract was presented with an interesting conclusion:  sleeping shortly after a learning experience

The details of the study are complicated to explain, but the bottom line seems to be that sleeping soon after being exposed to emotionally negative imagery somehow helps the brain to remember the information better than those who waited a full day to sleep.  Oddly, those who waited to sleep seemed to remember the context  of the information better – but didn’t do so well with the main information,


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10 Brain-Friendly Hobbies for Successful Aging (part 2)

Earlier this week, we took a look at how our interests and hobbies can challenge and improve brain function – and took a brief tour of five potentially brain building pastimes.  If you missed it, be sure and check it out here: 10 Brain-Friendly Hobbies for Successful Aging (part 1)

Antique Camera photo by bjearwicke on Stock Xchng Today, we’re checking out  five more hobbies that can be good for the brain.  This  brief list certainly doesn’t exhaust the brain-challenging hobbies out there, and it’s not intended to do so.   The idea  here is to learn to look at potential activities from a brain fitness point of view, and be sure that we’re getting the biggest brain benefit from our interests as we can.   So with that in mind, on with the list!

Photography: Did you know that taking photographs throughout your day, and  looking over them later that night, can help you remember it better?


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10 Brain-Friendly Hobbies for Successful Aging (part 1)

Parsley Gardening photo by juancho17 on Stock.XchngKeeping the mind stimulated and active is key to maintaining cognitive function as we age.  Brain training products and programs are a big help towards that end, but they’re only part of the cognitive-activity picture. The other part? An intellectually active lifestyle, including varied interests and hobbies that keep us learning and using our brains throughout our life. (more…)

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New Study Reveals 4 Elements That Keep Older Adults Minds Sharp

"Senior Crossing" by chelle2008 on Stock.Xchng The evidence just keeps piling up: our lifestyle choices have a large impact on how well our brains age.

A just-published study funded by the National Institutes of Health  followed 2,500 people in their 70s for 8years, and frequently tested their cognitive functions.  Over the course of the study,  53% of the participants showed the expected age-related declines, and 16% developed major cognitive difficulties.

But the remaining 30% either had no change in their mental functions, or they actually improved during the study.


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10 Quick & Easy Ways To DeStress Your Brain

Ongoing stress is bad for your brain, your overall health, and your quality of life.  And sometimes, there’s just no way to avoid it…   So how do you cope minimize it’s effects?


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