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5 Tips For Finding Meaning & Purpose After Retirement

image In response to one of last week’s posts,  “Jane” had some touching words…

“I am an older person according to many social standards and long retired. And it is an extremely difficult transition to make when everyone around you makes you feel like you’re finished with your productive years. I’ve searched high and low for meaning and ways to get back into the game of life and after a long bout of depression and some health issues am figuring it out. But its different for everyone. My husband never figured it out and I lost him before I could help him.”

She went on to ask for further suggestions on how retired elders can find purpose and meaning for their lives – since joining the Sisters of Sacred Heart just isn’t practical for most of us.

It’s a common, frustrating and even heart breaking problem  –  loss of purpose may well be responsible for the premature declines of many seniors.   Careers end, families grow up and move away, spouses and friends pass on, and the purposes that have kept us alive and motivated for decades begin to crumble, and life itself follows soon after.  Without a sense of personal meaning to motivate us, all of the science, study, and information about brain fitness and healthy aging is pointless, because we have no will to apply the knowledge.

So what’s the solution?


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Senior Brain Health: The Do’s and Don’ts of Diet (part 2)

imageRead Part 1 of this article

So, we’ve covered the Do’s of brain-healthy diets…. but what about the Don’ts?

Here goes… (ahem)

The Don’ts:

General Junk Foods: Most junk foods and fast foods fall into the categories below, but they’re worth a separate mention due to a recent study  out of Sweden that showed that  high sugar, fat and cholesterol diets (like you’d get at most fast food joints) are connected to a significantly higher risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementia forms. (more…)

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Senior Brain Health: The Do’s and Don’ts of Diet (part 1)

We’re all grown ups, right?

Berries for Brain Health (image by TouTouke on Stock.Xchng)And by now, we all pretty much know what we’re supposed to be eating:   a balanced diet heavy on fruits, veggies and whole grains, light on fatty, sugary junk food.   But knowing isn’t the same as doing, and being told “you should do this” just doesn’t  motivate some of us. We need more specific reasons to get us to put down the Twinkies and nibble on a carrot stick.

So how about this?

What you eat (and don’t eat)  is a big part of overall brain health.  Not only does eating right lower your risks of Alzheimer’s, but it affects your cognitive function, mood, motivation levels, your risk of stroke, even things as simple as the number of senior moments you experience.

And while most of the brain-healthy rules are in line with general healthy-diet advice, there are some specific things to pay attention to.


May 23, 2009 at 10:09 am 2 comments

Communication, Connection, Contribution to the Community, & Ye Olde Cognitive Skills

Your Brain and Community: Part of Alzheimer's Prevenion & Help (Image Credit: Lusi from StockXChange) Social Activity and Stress Reduction.

… Two of the “Seven Keys” to aging successfully and keeping  a healthy, fit brain. These two keys also can be two of the most challenging aspects as we grow older, when our links to community may fade, and communication  may become a struggle because of hearing problems or cognitive declines.


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Olympic-Level Senior Athletes: Sharper Bodies, Sharper Minds?

This August, nearly 13,000 athletes will gather for an Olympics style competition.  They’ve trained hard, fought their way up through trials at the local, state and national level,  competed in traditional events of the Olympics, including swimming, track & field, and equestrian events. There’s even a winter version of the games, with events including slalom and cross country skiing.

The difference between this, and other sports competitions? The ages of the athletes: every single one of them is over 50 years old.  (more…)

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Living With Alzheimer’s: A Spark of Self & Humanity

This past weekend, HBO launched their latest documentary series, “The  Alzheimer’s Project.” With the help of executive producer Maria Shriver, it promises to be touching, sobering, and hopeful.

imageFor me, it’s always the personal stories that speak loudest, and this 4 part film series promises plenty of those.  Mental challenges of all sorts just fascinate me, in part, because of how they shine a spotlight on the beauty of our individual characters – and the challenges of Alzheimer’s and dementia are no exception.


May 12, 2009 at 2:51 pm 7 comments

Staying Engaged and Alive: Another Key to Cognitive Fitness

image Kicking back, putting your feet up, and watching the world go by from a rocking chair on the front porch.

Maybe weekend fishing trips, knitting booties for the great grand kids, but nothing too strenuous, nothing tiring.

That’s been our vision of retirement for decades – golden years spent settling into a comfortable rut, detaching and relaxing, a time of lowered activity.


May 7, 2009 at 1:00 am 3 comments

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